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Glam Limited Edition Ritual Oil

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The Annual Black Friday/ Cyber Weekend Sale! 25% Off!  No Code Needed! Sale Ends Monday! Glam Limited Edition Ritual Oil Exceptionally Limited. Only available until Friday, November 30th.  Only available on sale until tomorrow! You can feel your power rushing through … Continued

And a Little Something for You! 🌙

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The Rites of Glamour: Second Cycle Registration will end on December 15th to give everyone enough time to receive their glamour parcels for class.  Class starts on December 31st.  Written classes will come out on Mondays (12/31, 1/7, 1/14,1/21).  Live Q&A will happen … Continued

Your Ghost, My Ghost

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I’m going to say something unpopular.  Samhain for me isn’t really all that angsty unless I make it an angst fest.  I’m too hardwired for it to mean candy and pumpkins and The Craft that unless I’m paying super close attention … Continued

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