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Lehigh Valley Pagan Pride

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Jow and I will be at Lehigh Valley Pagan Pride on Saturday, June 24th with our shop, The Mermaid and The Crow. We will have ritual fragrance oils, copies of the Arte of... READ MORE

Last Day to Purchase Discontinued Items!

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Here’s what’s left: Jezebel (beeswax candle) Decadence (beeswax candle) Shaken Not Stirred (beeswax candle) Tryst (beeswax candle) La Dolce Vita (beeswax candle) Shiva (soy candle) Pride I (rainbow silk scarf) Pride II (rainbow... READ MORE

You Don’t Owe the World Your Glamour

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When you perform glamour stylistically and magically, you are thrusting yourself forward.  You are requiring the attention of others – strangers, your goddesses, your spirits, your ancestors, your loved ones, your colleagues and... READ MORE

On Passing

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  Let’s talk about a fun topic. Let’s talk about passing. Historically, it has meant that if you looked white and could pass as white, you would take that power and hide your actual racial background. In this political climate … Continued

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