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Almost a Year Old

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None of this process of a dream realized was easy or natural for me.  So many of my fellow occult authors have fond stories of being offered a contract because their editor read something they had written and were so … Continued


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Hands down, grief is generally my least favorite emotion.  It’s so big and inescapable and words never express it correctly.  What I didn’t know prior to two weeks ago is that it also protects you.  It’s an anesthetic veil wrapped … Continued

Postcards From Sicily

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Photography highlights Notes to Jow MamaFran phrase of the day: “It’s a Cathedral to Saint. . .Someone!” * Me (figures out she’s staring at a reliquary) (immediately presses herself up against the gate) (hisses): Let me in! Let me in! … Continued

#QueensInExile Ritual Cords

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  #QueensInExile Ritual Cord Uses (Magical): For strength, courage, cunning, compassion, alluring, glamour, to be centered in your power, to take up space. Uses (Practical): As shrine adornment, a necklace, a bracelet, tied to a bag, tied around your waist. … Continued

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