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Postcards From Sicily

Photography highlights Notes to Jow MamaFran phrase of the day: “It’s a Cathedral to Saint. . .Someone!” * Me (figures out she’s staring at a reliquary) (immediately presses herself up against the gate)... READ MORE

#QueensInExile Ritual Cords

  #QueensInExile Ritual Cord Uses (Magical): For strength, courage, cunning, compassion, alluring, glamour, to be centered in your power, to take up space. Uses (Practical): As shrine adornment, a necklace, a bracelet, tied... READ MORE

Babalon + Knifesex

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For those unfamiliar with me, April1 is one of my oldest, nearest and dearest friends who has stood by my side as I came out of various closets.  She has been to many rituals of mine and has always been … Continued

On Taking Up Spaces

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It’s the first day back after a holiday, my new meds suck (as discussed), I’ve already sat through a two hour meeting, I have a headache and a coworker clearly already wants me to murder her just so we can … Continued

10 Ways to Embrace Your Glamour

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First written for Llewellyn’s blog. Glamour is everything that makes you interesting and exciting to yourself and others. Using glamour gives you exciting opportunities to accomplish your deepest desires both magically and mundanely. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! … Continued

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