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Spring Semi-Annual Sale & Max II Update

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As ever, signal boosting is appreciated. First, the more fun part!  We usually do a Summer Semi-Annual Sale but frankly we are more in need right now.  We will be doing a Spring Semi-Annual... READ MORE

Max II’s Bladder Surgery

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So, nothing says “Oh hai, it’s your only day off!” like finding yourself in kitty ER on a Sunday.  Also equally exciting, hearing the phrase “it was like a bloody snowglobe” to describe... READ MORE

The Ethics of Glamour

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It’s tax season which is every bit as wretched as you expect it to be.  I’m on my feet for over nine hours a day in the goddamn copy room which is both... READ MORE

Achievement Unlocked: The Bedroom

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As you may recall, the end of last year found me in my usual existential crisis, tearing my bedroom apart like a psycho.  It was a lot of work, but completely worth it.... READ MORE

The Second Bath

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It’s been a non stop swirl of work and social obligations since the holidaze as we slowly plummet into tax season.  You can imagine my excitement when I would finally have a moment... READ MORE

A Mabon to the Moirai

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The Moirai have been circling me for quite some time.  Maybe because I find them soothing (though overwhelming) instead of scary, maybe because of the spinning I do on my spindle and wheel, maybe because they are actually how I … Continued

Discontinued Ritual Fragrance Oils

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All in stock items are 25% off until tomorrow with the code PRIDE2016! Discontinued Ritual Fragrance Oils: (once they are sold out they’re gone forever!) Basilisk: Sanguine dark resinous dragon’s blood smoked with frankincense and red sandalwood. The scent of … Continued

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