[Manic Mondays] Perfect Day

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I will be the first to tell you that 2010 Deb was indeed correct in that conjuring your Perfect Day is in fact dangerous work.  Shortly after that Working, my company started to gently collapse until it collapsed completely.  It turns out that … Continued

Awen Spirit Bottles

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  Just got back from The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! I got really inspired there by all the gorgeous colors and textures so I’ve decided to make (6) Awen Spirit Bottles available for purchase. I’m going to be using … Continued

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

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Where You Can Find Deb: The Arte of Glamour (book and ebook) (have you read it?  Reviews are always appreciated!) La Sirene et Le Corbeau (Handmade Oils, Yarn, Dream Ambassadors, Nuno Scarves, Felted Dryer Balls, Beeswax Candles) LS+LC Facebook (curated … Continued

Much Ado About Nothing

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So, yesterday I started seeing auras.  Not the fun magic kind that would be appropriate to post here and not the kind that means there’s a migraine.  More like my vision blurring all around the edges.  This has happened before … Continued

Snow Day Photos

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The Arte of Glamour is available for purchase through Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. The Arte of Glamour has a mission: to help you find sustainable wonder in yourself, your spiritual practice and your life. Written with a dry … Continued

Fear Vomit.

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I’m listening to Hadestown right now which is appropriate as it’s on Ani’s Righteous Babe Records label and Ani herself plays Persephone (and Justin Vernon from Bon Iver plays Orpheus, meow).  I’m finishing up the book — freaking out about deadlines … Continued

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