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[Back to Basics] Cleansing/Shielding

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I Can Take Care of Myself.  I’ve Been Using the Bowflex. Most occultists/witches have really elaborate shielding systems.  I just . . .real talk here.  I can’t be bothered. Jow has compared this... READ MORE

It’s Not a Monday But Fuck It

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I am tore up from the floor up, Charmers.  I feel like it’s been a constant stream of go!  go!  go! since the NYC Pagan Pride Day.  My Tiny Charges have been getting bigger... READ MORE

Moon/Lunar Planetary Magic Ritual Cords

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Lunar Planetary Cords are now available at The Glamoury Apothecary. First, the hearth light is lit and my hands are washed with salt. Next, I set out offerings of jasmine incense, light, gin... READ MORE

Limited Edition Samhain Ritual Oil Blends

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Haunted and Bewitched will only be available for two more days and then they’re gone! Haunted: A ghostly autumnal blend of tattered grimoire pages, almond marizipan All Souls Day offerings in crisp October air... READ MORE

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