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[Glamour Guide] Your Black Swan

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Who Are You? I’d say I’m great—I mean, look at my hair, my body, my clothes? But I’ve become a Bedford wife, and it’s really just the worst thing. – Georgina Sparks, GossipGirl... READ MORE

[Manic Monday] Work Day/ Appearance Schedule

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  Tentative Schedule for La Sirene et Le Corbeau/The Glamoury Apothecary.  Books sold at Pagan events only. Spring Thyng (SCA) – April 26 Quest (SCA) – May 24-25 NJ LBGT* Pride (Asbury Park)... READ MORE

[Manic Monday] Evening In

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Do you ever have plans with several people on a Saturday and they all fall through?  The best remedy for that is cute, comfy pajamas, a decadent dinner just for you, a full... READ MORE

French Hussies, Absinthe and Frolic

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  Last day! I’m reformulating a lot of scents as well as adding three new scents, so I’d like to clear my inventory for the impending busy show season. Once they’re gone, they’re... READ MORE

Spring Awakening

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With the flowers of spring, and breezes Are flowing here like honey: Come to me here - Sappho So, none of that is actually happening in New Jersey.  It’s 25F outside and it’s supposed... READ MORE


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1. My blog has been redesigned, in case you didn’t notice.  In case you are in need of a redesign yourself, April Klinge is excellent.  She’s done almost all of my branding, too (and all my candle artwork, they’re all … Continued

My Circle Sister, Donna

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This is really painful.  Donna had a quiet melodic voice who dressed beautifully and always had a kind word for everyone during circle.  She was an amazing listener, gave beautiful rituals and looked gorgeous when she was bedecked in glitter … Continued

[Manic Mondays] Joining the Circus

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I am the most unlikely candidate to run away to join the circus since the circus was invented.  I have everything wrong with me – fibromyalgia, nervousness, middle age, not athletic, ambi-dumbness/INTJ/ENTJ-ness, boobs of porn star proportions (which sounds awesome until … Continued

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