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The Golden Moth Illumination Deck Review

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Have you ever bought a Tarot deck as “a couple”?  If you haven’t, here’s what happens 90% of the time: You both get really excited about the deck, both decide you’re going to... READ MORE

[Drunken Tea Party]

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Where would you like to see the Occult Blogosphere head for 2015?  What topics do you think have been flogged to death?   For me, I would like to see more, well, glamour... READ MORE

[Manic Mondays] Girls’ Day 2014

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I am dressing crazy tomorrow. Why? Because if this isn’t a place to be a pony-firefighter-princess, I don’t know what is. Black dress, pony falls, juilet cap, corset. Done. It’s happening!   (Lol... READ MORE

Can’t Be Glamorous All the Time

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In the worst parody of The Scorpion and the Frog, Jow caught me taking pictures at home that were nothing like the pictures I usually take.  There was no angling my head this way or... READ MORE

[Drunken Tea Party] I Miss You

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Yes, you!  Remember when we all used to comment on each other’s blogs and make each other think and laugh?  I feel like we’ve fallen into this vortex where we only comment if... READ MORE

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