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Unfuck Your Situation

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Let’s review: Q. Are you being cursed or hexed? A. No. God, wouldn’t it be awesome if you were?  That shit is so much easier to take care of!  When you know that... READ MORE

Malala & Mary

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I created a ritual oil for Mary Magdalene for my sisters, but I made more than I needed.  I have decided to put up the extras in my shop.  Generally, with a Limited... READ MORE

Shake It Off

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I Never Miss a Beat. I’m Lightening on My Feet. Until today, I was rapidly coming to a place where NannyDeb would have wanted to punch CurrentDeb in the face until a few... READ MORE

Current Schedule for The Mermaid & The Crow

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Current Merchant Schedule for my shop, The Mermaid and The Crow: Philly Punk Rock Flea Market: Sunday, May 17 King’s & Queen’s Rattan Champions/Iron Bog Investiture (SCA): Saturday, June 13 Philadelphia Pagan Pride:... READ MORE

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