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What’s a Witch?

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  An old friend of mine recently asked that question.  It’s a deceptively tricky question, the longer one thinks about it, especially in the Copy Room of Revelations.  It gets sticky of course,... READ MORE

Glamour for the Completely Exhausted

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All your dreams have died.  Welcome to 2017.  The last party leftover has long been eaten, you’re back to drinking too much wine and watching too much television.  You have not set foot... READ MORE

Be the Final Girl for 2017

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Jow has coined a phrase to describe the women in my family on my mom’s side when we are feeling feelings and can’t quite articulate them so these feelings are subverted into a... READ MORE

Is Your Witchcraft Subversive?

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Jow: What will you ask for? Me: To live deliciously, I guess? Jow: What if you are given a dress, butter and travel? Me: I fail to see the problem here. Jow: .... READ MORE

On Passing

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  Let’s talk about a fun topic. Let’s talk about passing. Historically, it has meant that if you looked white and could pass as white, you would take that power and hide your actual racial background. In this political climate … Continued

A Mabon to the Moirai

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The Moirai have been circling me for quite some time.  Maybe because I find them soothing (though overwhelming) instead of scary, maybe because of the spinning I do on my spindle and wheel, maybe because they are actually how I … Continued

Discontinued Ritual Fragrance Oils

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All in stock items are 25% off until tomorrow with the code PRIDE2016! Discontinued Ritual Fragrance Oils: (once they are sold out they’re gone forever!) Basilisk: Sanguine dark resinous dragon’s blood smoked with frankincense and red sandalwood. The scent of … Continued

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