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You Have Questions, I Have Answers!

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Amazon asks, I admit, I’m not sure what the purpose of posting your Glamour Boards actually is – Is it inspiration? Visuals as to something you want to get across? Clickbait (er… unlikely)? Sharing... READ MORE

You Can’t Tell That Pig What to Do

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And they say/ Ani what’s with all this love shit/ and I say/ don’t you ever/ just/ get distracted?  – Ani Difranco Jumping in with Gordon and Jason about the recent rash of... READ MORE

The Scarlet Goddess Ritual Cord

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The Scarlet Goddess Ritual Cord was made from triple carded super soft pomegranate red Merino wool, wedding red Sari Silk, dove’s blood mohair, crimson cashmere and ruby tussah silk. At each end of... READ MORE

[Manic Mondays] Spare Oom

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Spare Oom has been through a few versions.  First, as an actual spare bedroom.  Then, as an office.  Then, as a ritual space.  We eventually came to the conclusion that it needs to... READ MORE

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