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Fix Your Situation: Fixed Soy Vigil Candles

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Why You Need Vigil Candles in Your Life: (a) Glitter!  Shiny!  (b) Unscented and soy, so v. eco friendly (c) a perfect offering to your deity (d) the small prayer helps to connect with your deity... READ MORE

Um Is Not an Answer!

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Whenever a witness on my beloved Judge Judy starts hemming and hawing about a question they don’t want to answer, she always barks, Um is not an answer!  But sometimes?  It kind of... READ MORE

[Manic Mondays] A Birthday in New Hope

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For April’s birthday, Jow and I gave her the choice between being a country mouse or a city mouse.  I thought for sure she’d want to knock around St. Mark’s in NYC and... READ MORE

[Manic Mondays] A Few Days of Peace

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So, I’ve started to have this theory that social media is a magnet for the malocchia. I mean, aren’t you busy half-assedly hating anyone who dares to go on vacation while you were... READ MORE

Who Gets Devalued in Witchcraft

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We all know that time, that heady thrill when you start to become competent at Witchcraft and you know which names to flaunt, who to be friends with if you want to be... READ MORE

Unfuck Your Situation: Get It Back Together

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People die, things break.  At one point you had your life together but somehow, through a confluence of chemical fiesta related issues (depression, anxiety, whatever is misfiring up in there), your body that... READ MORE

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