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Lehigh Valley Pagan Pride

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Jow and I will be at Lehigh Valley Pagan Pride on Saturday, June 24th with our shop, The Mermaid and The Crow. We will have ritual fragrance oils, copies of the Arte of... READ MORE

Last Day to Purchase Discontinued Items!

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Here’s what’s left: Jezebel (beeswax candle) Decadence (beeswax candle) Shaken Not Stirred (beeswax candle) Tryst (beeswax candle) La Dolce Vita (beeswax candle) Shiva (soy candle) Pride I (rainbow silk scarf) Pride II (rainbow... READ MORE

You Don’t Owe the World Your Glamour

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When you perform glamour stylistically and magically, you are thrusting yourself forward.  You are requiring the attention of others – strangers, your goddesses, your spirits, your ancestors, your loved ones, your colleagues and... READ MORE

You’re Invited!

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Celebrate Deb’s first book Glamour Magic: The Witchcraft Revolution to Get What You Want launching with Llewellyn through Barnes & Noble, Amazon and your local indie bookstores!   Saturday, August 19!  Here is your v. professional Facebook invite.  If you … Continued

[Dear Diary] #QueensInExile

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It’s the time, it’s the season of copy room revelations.  My first tax season was All About Mary M., my second tax season was book research mode and now, as I have just finished listening to Three Sisters, Three Queens (eeeeeh, not … Continued

[Dear Diary] A List of Confessions

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Hey, remember Manic Mondays?  Remember how regular they were?  All full of glamour boards, recipes, annoyingly cloyingly cute antidotes about my life? It turns out, when one works for an accounting office, Monday is always the busiest day.  Always.  Dealing … Continued

Max II’s Bladder Surgery

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So, nothing says “Oh hai, it’s your only day off!” like finding yourself in kitty ER on a Sunday.  Also equally exciting, hearing the phrase “it was like a bloody snowglobe” to describe said procedure. On Saturday, Max was having … Continued

The Ethics of Glamour

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It’s tax season which is every bit as wretched as you expect it to be.  I’m on my feet for over nine hours a day in the goddamn copy room which is both a safe haven and a prison, depending … Continued

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