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Fix Your Situation: Fixed Soy Vigil Candles

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Why You Need Vigil Candles in Your Life: (a) Glitter!  Shiny!  (b) Unscented and soy, so v. eco friendly (c) a perfect offering to your deity (d) the small prayer helps to connect with your deity... READ MORE

Fix Your Situation: Beeswax Candles

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Why You Need Beeswax Candles in Your Life: (a) The artwork was done just for me by Ms. K  (b) Bitches love candles, as we’ve previously established (c) Beeswax is gorgeous and these candles are... READ MORE

Fix Your Situation: Loose Incense

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Why You Need This: (a) Incense is smoke that spirals up directly to your goddesses/spirits as an offering (b) Scent is a powerful connection from you to the divine (c) Incense makes your home... READ MORE

Fix Your Situation: Bath Teas

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Why you need bath teas: (a) Baths are a ritualistic activity that will bring you closer to your glamour (b) Baths are also an escape route from dealing with your family/friends (c) Bitch, you... READ MORE

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