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Decadent Sugar Skulls and Secret Trysts

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    Beeswax Candle Menu for The Mermaid & The Crow Absinthe:  La fée verte brings euphoric reverie filled with dreamy new worlds. An intoxicating blend of acerbic star anise, warm cinnamon cassia,... READ MORE

How to Work With Your Muse

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“There is no room for grief in a house which serves the muse.” – Sappho   Step One: You Have One For some, this seems to be the most difficult step.  Maybe you’re... READ MORE

[Manic Mondays] Dracula’s Ball

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I don’t go to the club much anymore.  For one, it’s about impossible to get anyone to come with.  For two, I work a lot of ten hour days that start at 7a... READ MORE

[Glamour Guide] Your Black Swan

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Who Are You? I’d say I’m great—I mean, look at my hair, my body, my clothes? But I’ve become a Bedford wife, and it’s really just the worst thing. – Georgina Sparks, GossipGirl... READ MORE

[Manic Monday] Work Day/ Appearance Schedule

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  Tentative Schedule for La Sirene et Le Corbeau/The Glamoury Apothecary.  Books sold at Pagan events only. Spring Thyng (SCA) – April 26 Quest (SCA) – May 24-25 NJ LBGT* Pride (Asbury Park)... READ MORE

[Manic Monday] Evening In

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Do you ever have plans with several people on a Saturday and they all fall through?  The best remedy for that is cute, comfy pajamas, a decadent dinner just for you, a full... READ MORE

Rose Red, Rose White

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Right now, the home that I’m working in is being pelted with shards of ice and wet heavy snow, there are mountains of snow as tall as a tall dude.  I try to remind myself of the origins of Valentine’s … Continued


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We’re all sons of someones/ we’re all sons of someones/ I’ll mean more than I mean to you/ I’ll mean more than I meant to him/ so I pray to ooooooooooooooh, to make me a real girl/ so I pray … Continued


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1. My blog has been redesigned, in case you didn’t notice.  In case you are in need of a redesign yourself, April Klinge is excellent.  She’s done almost all of my branding, too (and all my candle artwork, they’re all … Continued

My Circle Sister, Donna

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This is really painful.  Donna had a quiet melodic voice who dressed beautifully and always had a kind word for everyone during circle.  She was an amazing listener, gave beautiful rituals and looked gorgeous when she was bedecked in glitter … Continued

[Manic Mondays] Joining the Circus

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I am the most unlikely candidate to run away to join the circus since the circus was invented.  I have everything wrong with me – fibromyalgia, nervousness, middle age, not athletic, ambi-dumbness/INTJ/ENTJ-ness, boobs of porn star proportions (which sounds awesome until … Continued

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