Our Man Max

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Today we had to put our beloved cat, Max to sleep. I’ve had him from when he was a kitten until he took his last breath. He was twelve and it happened very suddenly. He was fine until two days ago and then he started getting fluid in his stomach among other things. He wasn’t eating and couldn’t move well. We were advised to put him down.

He was with me since college, he used to drink mop water and margaritas as a kitten at our house in New Brunswick with Bryan and April. He scaled Skip during a circle at our place as a young cat. He and my sister would lie in the sun together in our condo. He outlasted many other guys who came and went from my life. I always had him.

Max is the very orange on on top.
Max is the very orange one on top.

Joseph and I used to joke that he and our other cat, Bellatrix had a band together called “Our Man Max” and that it was always called that even when Bella joined. We said that during band practice he wouldn’t acknowledge her by name, he would only call her junior spaceman which made her start a side project called “Bella in a Sidecar”. Now he’s on his final tour in the stars.

We loved you with all our hearts and you’ll always be our little orange man.  May angels see you in/Hear you me my friends./On sleepless roads the sleepless go./May angels lead you in. . .

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  1. I’m so sorry. This is a hard, hard thing to get through. There is nothing more I can say, except that if you’d like to google chat, ping me. If you’d like to call, I can – and will – give you my number.

    Hugs to you.
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  2. Swift & sure journey Max!

  3. I’m sorry, too. Cats are wonderful, they’re family, they’re solitary, they bring us happiness, they drive us crazy.
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  4. I’m so sad for you! ((((hugs))))

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