[Manic Mondays] A Glamoury Board for the Senses

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The French have a concept that Gordon told me about when he came to visit; à manger avec les yeux.  In English, it means to eat with one’s eyes.  French women will often order dessert and say that they want to eat it with their eyes.  Meaning, they’ll take two cat sized nibbles out of the dessert and then smoke a million cigarettes and not eat the rest.

 In the U.S., most of us were not brought up to think that kind of behavior is immoral.  Our grand/parents lived through the depression where food was not to be wasted under any circumstance and that behavior has been taught to most of us through them.  But in our current all you can eat buffet world, it’s not always possible to be part of the clean plate club.  That concept was the hardest for me to break because all I could hear is my mom telling me not to waste food.  A friend had a helpful suggestion: It’s not like you can actually send your uneaten food to starving children in Africa, so if you don’t want to/can’t clean your plate donate a dollar or two each time to a food bank or a charity that helps people with not enough to eat.  Problem solved.  

All that over simply not finishing one’s dessert at a restaurant?  No wonder it can be hard to enjoy beauty for all our senses.  Does enjoying beauty make it easier to do magic?  Probably not directly, but a sense of wonder can go a long way to make your magic more powerful.  As Victor Hugo said, To love beauty is to see light.  


1. Quilted Racing Gloves, Ralph Lauren, $59

2. RENS Sheepskin, Ikea, $30

3. Apple Cider Vinegar, Bragg, $4

4. White Truffle Oil, Carter & Cavero, $10

5. The Tudors, Amazon, $18

6. Succulent Terrarium Garden Kit, Succulent Designs, $20

7. A Blessed Unrest CD, The Parlour Trick, $10

8. Rumours, Fleetwood Mac (Vinyl), Urban Outfitters, $30

9. Sunspots on a Photograph Candle, Lollia, $30

10. Eau Lente, diptyque, $88

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