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This article summarizes everything I’ve been trying to teach through The Experiment and in my book and my whole fucking life this year.  There is a lot of cussin’ and a lot of pictures.  It’s geared towards 20 year old males with the attention span of . . . 20 year old males.

Read it start to finish.  I’ll wait.

In the mean time: The civil war was neither civil nor a war.  Discuss!

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  1. I love that article! I’m an employment counsellor with a social service agency and I really want to use some of those ideas with clients. Without the NSFW language, of course….. 😀

  2. Great article! I want to be able to show this to an employment counselor with the words ‘Have heard all the pablum, all the motivational posters. Now tell me how to manipulate the employment environment so that I can apply what I’m good at to services needed to get me what I want.’

  3. I actually read that article and thought of you. Weird.

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