Housekeeping! OMG, Is That a Body?

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. . .half of the beginning body scenes of Law & Order.

My Recipe Mondays queue are drawing to a close.  I wanted to give you all a chance to vote on continuing with Recipe Mondays or doing something else.  I only gave you choices for things that are easy for me to quickly write and queue so as some of my nanny charges say, “You get what you get, so don’t get upset!”.   Majority will rule on this so if you have an opinion, vote!  Voting will close on Dec. 28th.
In the mean time, in case you didn’t know, my Etsy shops The Glamoury Apothecary and La Sirene et Le Corbeau have Facebook pages so like them to be in the loop!

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  1. So, the recipes are a nifty thing, and I even tried one. But I found myself not reading them because there was none of your perspective anywhere there, just the recipe. If I want recipes, I can find them all over the internet, but what keeps me licking my favorite cooking blogs isn’t the recipes so much as the blogger’s adventures with creating them. You forgot the most important ingredient – you!

  2. I agree with Anne. Should you continue with the recipes, I would like to hear how they worked for you.

  3. I also agree with Anne (although I would actually prefer knitting/crochet… or Mommy Blogging). The most important ingredient is you. I want to hear about your adventures! 😀
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