My Circle Sister, Donna

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This is really painful.  Donna had a quiet melodic voice who dressed beautifully and always had a kind word for everyone during circle.  She was an amazing listener, gave beautiful rituals and looked gorgeous when she was bedecked in glitter … Continued

PantheaCon and Z. Budapest

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I didn’t comment last year because I wasn’t present and felt that it wasn’t really my place to say anything about Z.’s comments and actions towards the transgender community as I wasn’t present and frankly I kept hoping she would … Continued

Building an Amazon Bad Ass . . .Through Books.

My PEH, Gordon asked us what 10 books would we use to try to build a mage/witch/magic user/whatever of a specific bent. I decided to build an Amazon Bad Ass (specializing in Hearth Witchery). I liked that Gordon allowed for … Continued

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