K is for Kicking Ass

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I had been slowly acquiring archery equipment since Christmas.   While Katniss was admittedly and unashamedly the tipping point for me, there have been others.  Buffy.  The Amazons from Xena.  I wanted to know what it would be like to … Continued

J is for Jinx

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As some of you know, I’m not afraid to talk about cursework to college students.  Everyone likes talking about cursework.  It’s exciting, it’s sexy and it shows that you’re not afraid to get all honey badger on someone’s ass. I … Continued

H is for Hubris

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Hubris is something that I contemplate a lot in post-apocalyptic living.   Like, why does Kanye West irritate the crap out of me but Jay-Z does not?  Why does Tim Ferris make me want to punch him in the junk and … Continued

D is for Dream

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I was going to write “D is for Druid” because I got a piece of Witchvox mail that irritated me which honestly v. rarely happens.  Usually Witchvox mail makes me feel happy and full of sunshine and unicorns and kittens … Continued

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