Battling Burn Out

All I want to do right now is scroll through Facebook, watch the rest of The Tudors and jam as many chocolate chip cookies and pretzels into my face as I can.

It sounds innocuous, I mean who doesn’t want to do that sometimes?

The problem is, lately that’s all I want to do, washed down with half a bottle of wine.  I don’t want to be present, I don’t want to be productive, I don’t want a spiritual life, I don’t want anything but to zone out.

That’s fine for a a couple days, maybe even a week.  More than that it becomes a serious problem.  And that’s what I’m sitting with.  Depression/anxiety are factors, of course.  I’m under the care of professionals for those issues.  I know what those things feel like and they’re there in the background, tugging at me.

But what I’m really struggling with is burn out.

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  1. Hey,
    I’m glad you’re getting a chance to have some rest.

    I’m sorry that you haven’t heard the voices of your gods in a long time.
    I can relate to the thing about the mental blanket, about wrapping your head in styrofoam so that you can’t hear anything. I’m half afraid of what I’d hear if I let myself start paying attention. (I always imagine it will be the sound of disapointment and “why are you such a screw-up” and similar, but I don’t think my gods would say that to me. They’re more along the lines of: “So. Here’s a thing that you should be doing. Go on, you know you want to…”)

    I think your suggestions about self-cleansing and also tidying up the living space are spot on. Not just because they get rid of some of the Overwhelm and (in some cases) leave you with a feeling of accomplishment, but because (maybe this is just me? When I’m hella-stressed I start purging?) a few hours spent moving my body and Putting Things Away means that I typially *stop* hampster-wheeling about All The Things… at least after a little while. And that kind of gives my brian a break as well.

    I’m glad you’re taking your spinning wheel out and spinning just for the joy of it. When I got tied up in knots with “What will sell? What will sell? Fuck my life…” I went back to writing fanfic for a couple of months because, as a non-saleable product, I could just write the fuck out of it rather than trying to divine where to find a paying market for the thing after the fact. Spinning for the joy of it is a wonderful idea. 🙂
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