Malala & Mary

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I created a ritual oil for Mary Magdalene for my sisters, but I made more than I needed.  I have decided to put up the extras in my shop.  Generally, with a Limited Edition, I only offer full sized bottles. … Continued

Hexing as Social Change

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I’ve had a few requests for hex work to work against Nazis, specifically Italian-American hex work.  I recently consulted Mallorie Vaudoise about this because I wanted to be sure that since this is such a delicate matter that I had … Continued

Glamour isn’t Pretty

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As many of you know, Jow and I take our shop, The Mermaid & The Crow on the road, primarily to Pride events and Punk Rock events.  While there are winsome Ladies of Certain Age with their silver hair dyed … Continued

[Dear Diary] #QueensInExile

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It’s the time, it’s the season of copy room revelations.  My first tax season was All About Mary M., my second tax season was book research mode and now, as I have just finished listening to Three Sisters, Three Queens (eeeeeh, not … Continued

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