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Unfuck Your Situation: Get It Back Together

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People die, things break.  At one point you had your life together but somehow, through a confluence of chemical fiesta related issues (depression, anxiety, whatever is misfiring up in there), your body that... READ MORE

The Mermaid & The Crow Re-Opened!

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We will be at The Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market on Sunday. Our Etsy is re-opened and stocked with all of your favorite ritual oils, beeswax candles, deity soy vigil candles and handspun... READ MORE

[Enter Title Here]

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I found myself becoming more superstitious, the further I got into writing my book.  Jow has seen much of it, but never as a whole.  And no one did either until it was... READ MORE

Glamour Isn’t for Nice Girls*

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I was taught how to be afraid and how to avoid danger with the understanding that it still may not do what I want it to do.  Never go to a bar or... READ MORE

Easter in Exile

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One of the best Easters in my memory is the year my exhusband walked out on me.  I was shaking and trying to get ready for Easter with my more conservative side of... READ MORE

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