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[Manic Mondays] Semi Civilized

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I had a revelation with Jow today.  I realized I’m never going to be the type of Witch who revels in the great outdoors.  I don’t like camping, I don’t like it when... READ MORE

[Occult Small Business Saturday] Verdant

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Pheasant Hen Smudge, Wax and Wane $30 Mirror Gazing, Emily Balivet $15 Oakmoss + Amber Soy Candle, Moss + Oak, $20 Terrarium Fairy Garden, Gypsy Raku $35 Felted Acorns Party Favors Built on Branches $12 Snake Oil Mineral Makeup... READ MORE

[Manic Monday] Gallow Green

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Gallow Green is a roof top restaurant/bar that’s owned by Sleep No More.   I got a bunch of friends together and we had the loveliest brunch there.  Yummy soft boiled eggs, crispy fried... READ MORE

Finding Your Own Meditational Practice

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People who meditate are like many (though not all) dieters, parents and runners.  If they’re doing it, they think it’s like the best thing in the entire world and everyone should do it!  Like, yesterday!... READ MORE

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