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Glamour Isn’t for Nice Girls*

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I was taught how to be afraid and how to avoid danger with the understanding that it still may not do what I want it to do.  Never go to a bar or... READ MORE

Easter in Exile

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One of the best Easters in my memory is the year my exhusband walked out on me.  I was shaking and trying to get ready for Easter with my more conservative side of... READ MORE

Glamour for Introverts

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Shirley calls for me to join in/ Next to Fabra’s sweet tenor/ But I don’t see a place for me/ And I’m too quiet to be heard/ But I’m only in time /... READ MORE

Offerings and Etiquette

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Jason made a good post about not being moved into inactive with the goddesses due to fear and disposing of food offerings and then Gordon made really great points that offerings shouldn’t just... READ MORE

Everything is Free Now: More on Austerities

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I find it interesting how resistant many people are about the concept of (voluntary) austerity.  It’s a concept that pre-dates Christianity by a whole lot which is another Hindu/Christian crossover.  When I was... READ MORE

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