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Last Call for Love is a Stranger

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Sooooo . . .I missed the full moon because who knew that corporate tax returns are due on a completely different date than personal tax returns?  It seems fitting for this particular oil... READ MORE

A Quick Clarification on My Last Post

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I will *always* read your comments here on my home blog because I love you and you know how to disagree with me without being jerks about it. FB neckbeards on the other... READ MORE

You Have Questions, I Have Answers!

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Amazon asks, I admit, I’m not sure what the purpose of posting your Glamour Boards actually is – Is it inspiration? Visuals as to something you want to get across? Clickbait (er… unlikely)? Sharing... READ MORE

You Can’t Tell That Pig What to Do

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And they say/ Ani what’s with all this love shit/ and I say/ don’t you ever/ just/ get distracted?  – Ani Difranco Jumping in with Gordon and Jason about the recent rash of... READ MORE

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