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St. Guinefort’s Feast Day (Observed)

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Suggested Offerings: Fancy doggie biscuits, a white vigil candle, Evian water (St. Guinefort is French after all), table scraps, anything  but chocolate.  Prasad is suggested.  You can share the fresh water with your house... READ MORE

The Golden Moth Illumination Deck Review

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Have you ever bought a Tarot deck as “a couple”?  If you haven’t, here’s what happens 90% of the time: You both get really excited about the deck, both decide you’re going to... READ MORE

[Drunken Tea Party]

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Where would you like to see the Occult Blogosphere head for 2015?  What topics do you think have been flogged to death?   For me, I would like to see more, well, glamour... READ MORE

[Manic Mondays] Girls’ Day 2014

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I am dressing crazy tomorrow. Why? Because if this isn’t a place to be a pony-firefighter-princess, I don’t know what is. Black dress, pony falls, juilet cap, corset. Done. It’s happening!   (Lol... READ MORE

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